Certificates, Inspections & child restraints

Roadworthy-safety certificate inspection

We are a Queensland transport approved inspection station. All registered cars in Queensland must have a current roadworthy safety certificates before they are offered for sale. Our safety certificates cover the basic things that could affect the safe operation of your vehicle such as

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L p gas certificates

All cars fitted with L P Gas require a gas certificate to be issued by a licensed gas fitter. This is in addition to a roadworthy certificate prior to sale or transfer of vehicle registration.

L p gas tank retesting inspections

Hi-Tech Auto Repairs

Every 10 years LPG tanks are required by law to under go testing.

Modification plates

A modified car that has not been approved can be issued off the road immediately by the authorities

We are approved by department of transport to inspect and approve certificate modified plates to light vehicles to comply with Queensland transport regulation. We comply with all codes of practice in accordance with the department of transport & main roads.

Pre-purchase inspections

All our vehicle inspections are conducted by skilled professionals, a small investment that could save you thousands. An independent vehicle inspection also guarantees that you are getting the car you think your getting and not a lemon .we also give you a detailed comprehensive report to make your pre purchase decision an informed one.

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